Law Firms and the Wonderful World of Tweets: How to Improve Your Interactions on Twitter

Of the many social media networks available, Twitter is extremely unique, allowing individuals, businesses, organizations, and media outlets of all kinds to express themselves and let their voice be heard in 140 characters or less.business_4941834.jpg

Twitter is ever-increasing in popularity and can certainly be a valuable marketing tool for all businesses, big or small. As a law firm, increasing your visibility on the Internet is vital in order to reach potential clients and make an impact on your colleagues, and as such, improving your interaction on this viable social networking platform is essential to making the most of your time and applying effective strategies.

The following are four practical tips for attorneys using Twitter:

  1. Create a plan. Having a clear strategy and goals will help Twitter become an important digital channel for your law firm. Understand why you want to be a part of the Twitter universe by asking yourself certain questions, such as, how can you build your firm’s brand awareness, and, how can you stand out from other law firms in your field? After determining your goals, craft your strategy accordingly so what you’re tweeting is relevant, insightful, and helpful to your followers and will attract new followers.
  2. ReTweet others, and thank those who take the time to retweet you.ReTweeting is an excellent way to increase your firm’s visibility and get the law firm’s name in front of consumers and those within your online community who may not have heard of you before. But be sure to retweet tweets that actually interest you or that you feel have an impact. Also, create a solid list of individuals or other groups you may want to target or interact with. Be sure to thank fellow Twitter users who have retweeted you – be personable and start a conversation! Your tweets will begin to gain more traction and will reach a broader audience.
  3. Considering scheduling some of your Twitter use. Not everyone who may be interested in your law firm will be online at the same time, so scheduling will help ensure your Tweets travel and get good exposure. For example, try and set up Tweets when you’re out of the office or in court all day. Most importantly, scheduling can help you be around outside of your normal hours! Potential clients may be looking you up on evenings or a weekend, so scheduling will ensure your Twitter presence is not only during business hours. However, it is important to not solely rely on scheduled Tweets, otherwise you may neglect to apply live Tweets as well; therefore making your Tweets less genuine. After all, Twitter is accessible on Smartphones, iPads, etc., which makes being social and marketing your law firm easier while on-the-go.
  4. Make yourself, and your tweets, stand out. Take a look at what the competition is doing and create a strategy that’s different than what others are offering. Also, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! Though your account may be for your law firm and you have to be professional, being unique will remind others that they’re interacting with an actual person which will in turn make your Twitter use more successful.

Increasing your law firm’s presence on social media sites, such as Twitter, can help your business grow, help you create an online community, and help you get new clients who may be in need of legal representation or advice. For more information on strengthening your law firm’s social media presence, contact the legal Internet marketing team at SLS Consulting. Call (323) 254-1510 today for a free growth assessment.

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