A Lawyer’s Letter to Santa: What’s On Your Website Design Wish List?

The holiday season is a wonderful time to spend time with friends and family and give thanks for any and all of the things you may be thankful for this year. If you are an attorney with a passion for the law as well as for helping others, you may be appreciative of the different ways in which new clients can discover your legal services and learn how you can help them if they are in need of legal assistance. One of the most excellent tools to achieve this goal is your website, and there are many components to making a legal website a successful one.xmastree.jpg

With this in mind, the following is a sample letter to the beloved seasonal figure Santa Claus with some ideas as to what you may want to ask for in order to make your attorney website informative, memorable, and marketable:

Dear Santa Claus,
I hope this letter finds you, Mrs. Claus, as well as your employees in wonderful spirits! Though I am sure you are quite busy preparing for the holiday season and your annual trip around the world, I wanted to send you a quick letter with just a few things that I have been dreaming of this year for my law firm’s website. As an attorney, I aim to help those in need, and with a number of successful cases this year, I feel without hesitation that I am on your “Nice” list and may ask for just a few things from you this Christmas.

To give my law firm website a boost, I would like to ask for the following things:

  1. An excellently written Bio page that is professional but also shows my personality, shares my accomplishments, and lets potential clients get to know me.
  2. An About Us page that explains why my law firm stands out and why people may want to choose my firm for their legal needs.
  3. Web pages that talk about my firm’s Case Results, including noteworthy settlements and verdicts, and Testimonials to let site visitors know how our dedication and professionalism has allowed us to help others and be successful in and outside the courtroom.
  4. A website that is easy to navigate, please! The easier visitors can navigate my website, the easier they can find the information they need and that may help them with their situation. A drop down menu may be a great idea, Santa…
  5. An eye-catching website design that is clean, uncluttered, and orderly, which can also help potential clients find the answers they need as easily as possible.
  6. Simple ways for people to communicate with the firm would be excellent! A “live chat” feature and an easy-to-find contact form so users can ask questions or request a consultation regarding their case would be fantastic additions to my site.

Thank you so much, Santa, for taking the time to read my wish list for my legal website! I know that you and your magical workers at the North Pole branch of your business will do what you can for me. Happy holidays Santa, and have a safe trip around the globe this year!

With Warm Season’s Greetings,
Your Resident Legal Eagle

Granting Attorneys Their Seasonal Wishes
The legal marketing elves of SLS Consulting know that creating a professional, functional, and successful website can be a complex undertaking, but our award winning web design team has the skills and creativity needed to turn your Christmas wish list into reality! Our entire marketing team has the knowledge and innovation that can take your marketing efforts to new heights and we will ensure that we meet all of your unique needs.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season!!

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