Legal Search Engine Optimization’s Role in Effective Law Firm and Attorney Marketing Plans

With the advancement of the Internet and online marketing capabilities, one of the most valued and protected assets a law firm has is their online reputation. Legal search engine optimization (SEO) plays a key role in helping an attorney and/or law firm rank high in search results for specific terms, also known as keywords. Legal Internet marketing campaigns would not go far without the right SEO and a solid plan.


Law firms, just like any other business, especially those that have been around for years, might resist having a website created or launching an Internet marketing campaign. It makes sense; Internet marketing is still relatively new to some, it’s something different, and you have to learn a new game. However, to make sure you don’t miss out on how your competitors are bringing in more clients, consider some of these benefits of legal SEO:

  • Emphasizes the strengths of your law firm and areas of practice;
  • Establishes and associates desirable keywords for your target audience with your law firm;
  • Attracts local clients by focusing on specific names of cities in your area;
  • Gives you quantifiable search results and ways to track traffic and behavior of visitors;
  • Distinguishes your law firm from competitors.

You can have the best legal website, but how are people going to find it? Search engine optimization is one piece of the Internet marketing puzzle, and it’s a big piece. To find out more about how legal SEO can help grow your business online, call SLS Consulting today for a free growth assessment at 323-254-1510.

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