Link Tango – Balancing SEO for Legal Websites

The importance of link building and link popularity as a part of driving traffic to your website and enhancing your search engine optimization strategies can be compared to getting the dance moves right for a tango. Sure, you can rush through the process and pretend to know what you’re doing, but this ends up looking messy and will not fool the ultimate judge – the search engines.

Many of us know the tango to fluctuate from glides and sudden pauses to fast moves. The movements in this intricate dance are deliberate and intentional. While your legal web presence is not likely to flourish on link building alone, link building is one element of your legal Internet marketing campaign that should not be left out.

Building quality links, or “backlinks”, to your website is not something that should be done in a rush or without experience to support your decisions. Link building takes practice. Having relevant, currently updated, properly optimized, and keyword-rich content on your legal website will help it gain quality links. You want content that is easy to understand, informative, helpful, and displays your law firm’s legal knowledge. This is the kind of website that others will want to link to. You also want to be particular about the types of links that you include on your website as well as where you place the links.

Link farms may seem like a good idea, but they can be deceiving, just like a sloppy tango. Search engines typically view link farms, which are designed to only accept incoming links, as a form of spam. The last thing you want is to have your legal website banned from the search engines due to spamming.

While no single link is the ultimate answer to tie all the loose ends of your marketing efforts, each link on your website should be given some thought, just like the movements in the tango. Don’t forget to utilize social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to gain more incoming links. However, you don’t want just anyone linking to your website. What you want are the quality links – the good dancers.

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