LinkedIn Lingo Needs to Give Way to Natural Speech

The simple fact that LinkedIn public profiles are indexed is reason enough to employ a little bit of SEO when filling out your LinkedIn information. However, it’s not always about SEO, particularly when it comes to social media profiles. For businesses especially, it’s important to remember that there is a difference between your company website and your social media profiles, namely the simple fact that one web presence is (by name even) more social than the other.

When filling out your LinkedIn profile, all the experts recommend you do one thing: show rather than tell. Showing your accomplishments always goes much farther than just telling people what you’re capable of. In the world of legal Internet marketing, showing accomplishments can involve a variety of options. Talking about successful case results, mentioning awards you’ve received, and highlighting positions of authority within legal associations are all ways that prospective clients can see how accomplished you are.

If you choose to fill your profile with keywords, it will come across as spammy. It may show up high within LinkedIn search results, particularly since LinkedIn’s ranking algorithm can be very easily manipulated, but it won’t keep people on your profile very long. Telling people you’re an excellent attorney, and doing so with a profile that reads like a sales pitch more so than a resume, is the best way to turn potential clients off. Though everyone these days loves to use industry buzzwords, they do little to help promote your brand and label you as an authority in your respective field of law.

So when filling out your LinkedIn profile, brag a little! Highlight your strengths and how those strengths have translated into happy clients and professional accolades. Your social media profiles should show people who you are, and shouldn’t necessarily just talk about what you do. Visitors to your profile know you’re a lawyer. Now all you have to do is show them that you are a good one.

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