Mobile Sites Can Make A Difference in Legal Internet Marketing Campaigns: Part 2

What would you say if I told you that spending in a certain industry was going to increase more than six fold in the next four years? Aside from wanting to invest your money in this rapidly expanding industry, you’d more than likely want to know what kind of business is going to experience such tremendous growth. Well, in case you’re wondering, the expenditures for mobile advertising are expected to total $20.6 billion in 2015. This year, those totals are projected to top out at a mere $3.3 billion.

For those of you who may have missed part one of our two part series on the importance of mobile websites in marketing, allow me reiterate. Mobile legal Internet marketing may not seem important today, but it is becoming more and more essential with each new model of iPhone and Droid phone that hits the market. People are utilizing their mobile phones in a much greater variety of ways than they were just a few years ago, and smart phones are becoming a common tool in the world of Internet search.

When you take into account the rapidly expanding world of social media, and couple that expansion with an increase in commonality of mobile phone Internet searches, it’s hard not to take notice of how mobile phone users are spending their free time when not texting or making phone calls. If you’ve ever found yourself killing time during your lunch break, or trying to pass the time before a dentist appointment, then you are more than aware of how ingrained mobile phone use has become during the last decade. According to January 2011 statistics, more than 200 million active Facebook users access Facebook from their mobile phones, with other social networking sites such as Twitter bringing in similarly strong numbers.

So what does this ultimately mean for attorneys and law firms? You should strongly consider designing a mobile site that compliments your primary website. Take into account that a mobile screen is smaller than a laptop or computer monitor, so it is important to keep your mobile site simple and streamlined. The world of mobile search is constantly expanding, and has now become an essential part of any successful legal Internet marketing campaign.

Mobile phones, particularly smart phones, have become an integral part of the average person’s daily routine, so it makes sense for attorneys to establish a presence in that routine. Nowadays, people use their mobile phones for everything from making phone calls to transferring money via online banking to even purchasing discount deals on sites like Mobile phone users “check-in” to local businesses, stay in-touch with their friends, and sometimes even rely on GPS to get from point A to point B. For attorneys concerned about their legal Internet marketing strategies, having a mobile site will help make sure their firm can be found and easily searched from the convenience of a mobile phone, no GPS required.

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