Newsflash: Google Likes Quality, Not Quantity

I field thousands of questions a week about how to game the Google system for fast law firm marketing results. While you can achieve great things with the granddaddy of Web search, SEO isn’t a quick fix – it’s an investment in your Web presence and your business. One of the most overlooked factors is the quality, not quantity issue.

What do I mean when I say quality, not quantity?

It’s simple: listing a ton of search terms meaninglessly strung together will do nothing for your search engine rankings! Why not? Because Google PageRank and searchability depend on the perceived value of your website. If you have a website that’s long on search terms and short on actual information, beprepared to be left in the dust by other web sites that are doing it right.

The Google Success blog touched on just this issue last November ( Here are a few tips to remember when you consider SEO for your legal website:

– Content is King. It’s been said before, and it stands repeating. Go for readable, informative content and you’ll increase your chances of search-engine visibility.

– You get what you pay for. If you are content to post poor-quality writing on your site, get ready to content yourself with poor-quality results in the search engines.

– Remember the end user. There’s a reason Google places informative, useful content higher than mere words: it’s more useful for end users who will find your site valuable! It’s to everyone’s benefit to tailor your Web presence to the end user, be they personal injury victims looking for representation or past clients who are capable of referring new business.

What are your favorite examples of sites that have sacrificed real content to the SEO gods? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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