Philadelphia Pharmaceutical Litigation Attorneys Announce New Arava Side Effects Website

A new Arava side effects website has just been announced by the Philadelphia pharmaceutical litigation lawyers at Anapol Schwartz. In supplying important and resourceful information on Arava side effects, liver failure dangers, FDA black box warnings, liver failure wrongful death, and Arava lawsuits, provides resources for those who have sustained injuries and other harm from taking the arthritis drug or may know someone who has suffered from taking Arava (leflunomide).

In creating a website dedicated solely to Arava, the PA products liability attorneys at Anapol Schwartz hope to assist Arava injury victims and their families in better understanding the extent of potential side effects and possible litigation. The drug maker of Arava, Sanofi-Aventis, has been required to add a black box warning after the FDA reviewed the drug’s side effects in which 14 fatalities and at least 49 cases of serious liver damage were linked to Arava. The pharmaceutical product was approved in 1998 by the FDA to be used by patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

The new website also addresses Arava liver failure and other serious side effects due to Arava use such as jaundice, joint disorder, chest pain, brain disease (encephalopathy), blood clotting (coagulopathy), joint disorders, peeling or blistering skin, blistering on the inside of eyelids, nose or mouth, and other afflictions.

Legal websites that focus on such specific information, especially when it comes to a potentially dangerous prescription drug, do a great service to visitors, who are typically individuals hoping to obtain more than just a piece of valuable data – they want the full story. Creating a website for your law firm with detailed, relevant, informative, and interesting content is one of many important steps toward getting noticed by search engines and helping those searching for answers to difficult questions.

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