Predicting Legal Internet Marketing in 2013

The year 2012 brought major changes for Internet marketing, both in new guidelines from search engines and new trends in what can make online marketing more affective. Some of these changes brought unique spins on marketing, others brought panic for those who suddenly found themselves scrambling to keep up with the changes. With so many major events in the world of Internet marketing this past year, 2013 can be frightening to think about for many, but it’s also an opportunity for a fresh start.

While no one can completely predict what may occur in the coming year, here are some major predictions for legal Internet marketing in 2013.

  • A continued focus on local search results. Search engines will continue to push local listings as important and tie them in further with overall rank. Look for Google and Bing to attempt further integration between local listings, organic content, and social media sites.
  • Content will grow in importance. Both with continued focus by Google and desire from consumers, the importance of quality content will continue to be a major aspect of marketing.
  • Mobile marketing will grow in importance. As smartphones continue to saturate the country, marketing aimed at these devices will steadily gain a bigger role in determining a successful marketing strategy.
  • Cross-platform integration will be necessary. While it’s currently seen as good to have, 2013 will make integration between all online elements a necessity. A successful online marketing plan will use social media, videos, blogs, and all other forms of media to create success on all platforms used.
  • At least one major change will shock you. As we learned from 2012, search engines do not like to typically reveal their plans for change until those changes have gone into effect. While this is meant to prevent spammers from quickly adjusting their tactics, it catches many marketers off guard. No matter what, you can never be completely prepared by the next big marketing change.

At SLS Consulting, staying on top of new trends and changes in the online marketing world is a major factor in our strategies that are tailored for the needs of each client. By understanding and adapting to demands by both search engines and consumers, our attorney marketing firm seeks to gain the best exposure possible for each client. To learn more about how your law firm can benefit from our services and to receive a free growth assessment, call (323) 254-1510.

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