Proactive is Better than Reactive for Reputation Management

For any company, reputation management is a key aspect of online brand development and marketing. Through this process, a company will be able to show the quality of their services or products and be able to properly deal with negative comments and reviews posted online.

The Truth about Bad Reviews

Often, many companies see reputation management as a scramble to react to negative online content concerning the brand. Many will try to get negative reviews removed and cover up such activities as quickly as possible in order to “preserve” the appearance of the company. However, it is important to remember a few important factors.

  1. You cannot simply remove a bad review because you do not like it.
  2. Not everyone will like your company and its products.
  3. Good reviews are the best defense against bad ones.

Crafting a Well-Rounded Online Reputation

Your overall online reputation is the result of each review that has been posted, with a greater number of reviews leading to a more complete view of your company. However, the fewer the number of reviews, the more each one will stand out, with bad reviews being especially noticeable.

As such, a well built reputation with a history of positive reviews will make a negative review have less impact. Companies should work toward getting clients to post reviews and comments upon receiving services so that this reputation can naturally and steadily build over time.

However, there are several don’ts to remember when creating a reputation, including.

  1. Do not create fake reviews. This will lead to serious damage for your company when Google discovers them, which they eventually will.
  2. Do not pressure clients to post a review, only encourage a review through a simple and affirming one-time request.
  3. Do not try to flood sites with reviews after a negative review, simply continue encouraging reviews.

Highly Experienced Help for Your Online Reputation

Whether you are looking to improve and expand your company’s online presence or respond to damage that has harmed your reputation, the staff at SLS Consulting can assist you. Our online reputation team can help you by building all aspects of your online presence through high quality content, design, and SEO work. Contact us today by calling (323) 254-1510 for a free growth assessment.

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