SEO Says Clean Your Room: Do Your Inbound Links Lead to a Mess?

Internet Marketing Dos and Don'tsYou want to market your business online, so you develop a website, as well as a blog, set up your Local profiles, and the essential social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and perhaps Pinterest.

You’ve implemented a great inbound marketing strategy to get traffic to your site in the hope of generating leads. Everything is set, your inbound link profile is strong, but there seems to be an anti-climactic end to all that hard work and preparation. Why?

In short, you should have made sure your house was clean and organized before you invited guests. So many people focus on building inbound links that they forget that where the inbound links are going has to be well-organized and presentable. If you neglect the internal linking of your website, then it is unlikely to be user or crawler-friendly. Who wants to go over to a house with messy rooms and a convoluted floor plan? No one, and why? Because people (and crawling robots) like clear, presentable, and easy access to all necessary areas.

According to an article on, in order to make the most of your inbound marketing strategy, you have to first make sure the internal structure of your business website is both search engine and user-friendly. Here are some helpful tips to accomplish this:

  • Build a sitemap;
  • Use absolute URLs throughout your site;
  • Navigational linking should be CSS based or textual;
  • Anchor text should always be a relevant term, if not a keyword phrase. Never use “click here” as a primary link’s anchor text;
  • Use the four types of navigational linking: main, footer, breadcrumb, and supplemental/secondary;
  • Link to supporting content on your site or even on another site (using “target blank” links); and
  • Create clear calls to action in multiple areas.

Building a strong online presence is not all about inbound links, and neither is SEO. Everything is interconnected and you cannot afford to overlook anything. At SLS Consulting, we understand the importance of a clear and logical internal link structure to ensure that our legal clients’ inbound links lead to a well-designed and easy to navigate website. If you’re missing something in your online marketing strategy, we can help you find it. Feel free to call us at (323) 254-1510 to learn more.

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