Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me: Sifting through SPAM Marketing Offers

If you have a solid legal website, there is a good chance that several Internet marketing and SEO companies wish you were their client. And they will try to rope you in. In an effort to sweep you off your feet, you may have received messages similar to the one below:


Would it be OK if I send you my company’s pricing & trial proposal? I work with other attorneys and have nearly tripled their website traffic and helped them gain new business mainly through top Google positioning.

Let me know. Thanks.

Another interesting tactic to gain more clients that seems as though it would rarely, if ever, be successful, is to submit a Contact Form on a website or sending an email stating the following:

When I Googled “lawyer — –” your website is on page 39.

If you are wondering why your online sales and enquiries are below expectations, this is almost certainly the reason.

How often do you go past page 1 of Google? You’re probably like 93% of the population who don’t bother looking past the first page. Being on page 1 is like having a store on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive; the easier your site is to find, the more traffic and sales you’ll get from the 600 million people who use Google, Yahoo and Bing every day.

Why choose us to rank you above your competitors?

  • Guaranteed page 1 rankings, or we work for FREE
  • Proven track record of ranking sites to page 1
  • The lowest rates on the market – and NO setup fees

Simply reply “Rank Me!” to this email for a FREE consultation.

One point to highlight regarding the above message is that the term that the company entered into Google and found for the attorney’s website on the 39th page, is not even close to a term that the attorney’s site is meant to rank highly for. The message does not even contain helpful information relevant to their practice.

These messages are so impersonal and inaccurate because the individuals who are sending them submit so many that they don’t even review them to make sure the information is correct! Another interesting factor of these SPAM offers is that some companies and individuals will even “follow-up” with you:

Hope you are fine.

I analyzed certain targeted keywords at which your website’s ranking is lower than your competitors.

I analyzed many of your competitors and on comparing their website with yours, I found that you need to work on some of the SEO issues which I mentioned in my earlier mail. As you told that you have made improvements in navigation of your new website, I appreciate that but would also like to recommend that you should have a side navigation bar also with a short description of your services.

I would therefore like you to reconsider about our services and revert back with your positive response so that we could proceed further for making cost for your website.

Look forward to hear from you soon

Don’t let “kind regards” or “Dear Sir” easily fool you, and I’m sure that they won’t. While it may be a bit of a nuisance, it isn’t always easy to filter out these online submissions. It comes with the territory when building a legal website that ranks well and makes you a desirable candidate. Talk with your marketing consultant to see if any additional action can be taken to prevent these types of messages from being submitted. Otherwise, it can’t hurt to serve as a reminder of why you aren’t their client to begin with.

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