Sipe & Associates, Inc. Included in Lead411’s Technology 500 List for 2010

Sipe & Associates, Inc., d.b.a. SLS Consulting, is pleased to announce being ranked in Lead411’s Technology 500 List for 2010. The list was released on Lead411’s blog on December 1 and is comprised of the renowned company’s final rankings of the fastest growing tech businesses in the United States. In offering corporate information, company news and awards for up-and-coming businesses, as well as providing alerts and people data relating to companies throughout the U.S., Lead411 has honored SLS Consulting by recognizing the Legal Internet Marketing firm as a company that stays on top of trends in the technology industry.

Lead411’s CEO Tom Blume states, “We started this list in order to track and recognize the fastest growing tech startups.” The Lead411 Technology 500 list contains privately held companies that obtained at least $1 million in revenue in 2009 within the software, Internet, media, wireless, hardware, telecom, IT services, eCommerce, and consulting industries. According to Lead411, the Technology 500 was created to honor the companies “who are doing it right” in the arenas of products and services, marketing, and employment.

As a relatively small, but respected boutique Legal Internet Marketing consulting group, SLS Consulting is able to provide its clients with the one-on-one attention that they need to achieve online results that last. Each SLS client receives custom websites with unique content and design that reflects their law firm’s personality, conveying an unforgettable message to online visitors. And this is only the beginning of what SLS has to offer.

In being recognized as one of the top 500 fastest growing tech companies, SLS Consulting is honored to be included in Lead411’s list, excited about what the results for 2010 hold, and looking forward to a new year in 2011!

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