The Social Media Explosion and How You Can Take Advantage Of It

A national survey from Arbitron Inc. and Edison Research reveals that nearly half of all Americans over the age of 12 have a profile on one or more social networking Web sites. The study also states that 30 percent of Americans age 12 and older, who have a profile on at least one social networking Web site, use those sites “several times a day” compared with only 18 percent one year ago.

With so many people going to the Internet for interaction with their friends and acquaintances, it makes perfect sense that attorneys make themselves available on these platforms so that they can increase the reach of their online marketing. By creating social media accounts for their firms and themselves, attorneys can build and interact with new readership groups online.

Any good Internet marketing campaign has a social networking aspect to it. At SLS Consulting, we offer the service of creating and maintaining profiles on the most useful and established of social networking sites. By presenting information about our clients and their law firms on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and AVVO, we can help build a trusted readership and following for the firm.

The key to creating successful attorney social networking accounts, especially on sites like Facebook and Twitter are frequency of use, and the offering of unique, valuable content and information for free. By offering informative articles on subjects of law that people are interested in, the firms establish themselves as experts in the eyes of their potential clients. By keeping the content fresh and informative, the social networking portals continue to attract readers and can have the added benefit of creating an online buzz around current events.

This added marketing source helps to keep your firm in front of the new generation of individuals who use social networking as their source for information. While it is true that not all individuals are in the “market” for an attorney at all times, when unfortunate events do occur and a lawyers’ advice is sought, many individuals will turn to the Internet, and their trusted circle of online acquaintances or “online social network” for referrals on where to find an attorney.

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