Social Media Marketing – You’re Doing It Wrong

While marketing your company online and through social media websites is still relatively new in the arena of business, a large portion of people are already aware of it. However, simply knowing about the idea of social media marketing is not enough. Often, little pieces of advice or conclusions that you have come to on your own are actually misguided. This can come back to hurt your marketing plan and your company as a whole either immediately or in the long run.

However long you may have been marketing your company online, it is never too late to put an end to these mistakes and get on the right path!

  • Using every social network available online. – Not every site is right for your company.
  • Focusing on only one single social media website. – You are missing out on potential sources of customers.
  • Disabling comment sections to avoiding receiving negative feedback. – This discourages client interaction and brand loyalty.
  • Only publishing messages on your company and avoiding personal posts. – A company with a personality is more likely to create a strong connection with followers.
  • Publishing as much content across as many sites as possible. – Content overload can drive away potential clients by becoming annoying.
  • Automating or rigidly scheduling all posts and updates. – Gives your content a cold and robotic feel.
  • Giving up on SEO and email to focus on social media. – Social media is only one part of a successful online presence.
  • Assigning all social media content to one employee. – He or she can make mistakes or misinterpret the tone you want for your company.
  • Keeping employees off social networks. – Having workers represent your company can boost your presence and create more personality.
  • Not using hard work and scheduling for social media. – Social networking does not succeed on its own; it takes consistent output and a focus on quality content.

These mistakes, and their solutions, are an illustration that creating a proper and robust social media presence is complex work. Every company has unique needs and goals that require a tailored and diligent social media output.

At SLS Consulting, we understand that the path to a continually successful social media plan involves detailed and personalized work. Combined with skilled SEO, design, and content work, your company can have a fleshed-out and productive online presence that can help attract potential customers and boost your rankings. To learn more about our services and to receive a free growth assessment, call our offices today at (323) 254-1510.

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