Social Media: The New Word of Mouth

The advent of social media on the Internet has changed the landscape of SEO, search, and legal Internet marketing. It is one of those “game changers” that comes along every so often that makes everyone stand up and take notice. The popularity and frequency of use of websites like Facebook is staggering. According to Facebook statistics – 400 million people actively use Facebook. Of that huge number, 50% visit their profiles ON A DAILY BASIS. That figure is truly staggering.

Utilizing Facebook and Twitter profiles, attorneys and law firms are able to personalize their practice. They can relate to individuals where they gather to interact with friends and acquaintances and by featuring case results, articles about community involvement and an explanation of their firm’s mission, they can humanize their law practice. By publishing links to articles and unique content that the attorney has published, a good Facebook or Twitter account can help educate individuals and establish the firm and its attorneys as authorities in their respective fields.

Lawyers have long maintained that the best source for new business is a satisfied client. When individuals are in need of an attorney, they often ask family and close friends for the name of someone they can trust. A satisfied client is likely to refer an attorney they have had a good experience with. This is where platforms like Facebook and Twitter have changed traditional legal Internet marketing. Many of these word of mouth conversations are taking place online now. Much the way search engines like Google and Yahoo have replaced the yellowpage ads of the past, so too, have Facebook and Twitter accounts changed the way we hold conversations with our family and friends. Sites like Facebook have not only expanded our circle of friends and acquaintances, but they have also changed how we interact with them.

Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIN and AVVO accounts are all integral parts of a sound legal Internet marketing campaign. While it may not be immediately obvious how a social networking account can help your firm gain clients, when you take a step back and look at the fundamental changes that sites like Facebook have had on the way individuals interact, and the way we share and gather information about subjects that interest us, the need for you as an attorney and your firm as an organization to be involved in legal social networking becomes much more obvious.

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