Social Sharing, Business Leads, and the Zero Moment of Truth

Law Firm Marketing StrategiesConvincing consumers to trust your company and its services takes time, effort, and a strong marketing strategy. However, the continual evolution of the Internet and the way that consumers view and research law firms online has radically altered the way that legal services are marketed to consumers.

Consumers today often perform extensive research on lawyers and law firms before they ever make a call. This occurrence of trust in the online age has been called the “Zero Moment of Truth” by Google and has a direct impact on how attorneys market their services and how their sites are ranked by search engines.

One of the most important aspects to successful search engine marketing and having a higher likelihood of consumers choosing your firm is to share as much information as possible about your company online.

Sharing via your website and as many relevant social media outlets as possible will accomplish two important goals for your firm, as discussed by

  • Greater amounts of relevant information online concerning your company will allow Google to more favorably judge your business and increase its search engine ranking; and
  • Consumers will hold your company in higher esteem and be more likely to judge you as trustworthy in your field of practice; therefore leading to a greater chance they will buy your product or service.

Important knowledge to share online includes information concerning your practice areas, staff, and services, as well as insight into your business and tactics. For example, a marketing company can provide insider tips on how to better market your business, thus proving itself to be a trustworthy source in the field. Providing relevant knowledge and insight not available elsewhere can make your firm a highly regarded source of information that consumers are more likely to trust. Additionally, being highly informative can increase your site’s search engine rankings.

When a law firm shares its ideals, plans, and inner structure, it makes it easier for consumers to trust, and a greater likelihood of trust means a more quickly reached Zero Moment of Truth, thus creating a higher chance that you will be the firm they call for help.

Developing the right online marketing strategy for your firm is a difficult process. At SLS Consulting, our legal internet marketing team has been assisting law firms obtain successful search engine results for more than a decade. For a free consultation, call our offices today at (323) 254-1510.

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