Ten Reasons Your Law Firm Needs Great SEO

In an Internet-saturated world (and one in which Google changes its mind all the time), the value of organic Search Engine Optimization is sometimes questioned. Many law firms elect to simply do Pay Per Click and disregard the need for organic search. Does your law firm need professional legal SEO? The answer is a resounding YES! Here are ten reasons why:

1. The Internet market is bigger than ever before. Gen Y is reaching legal age; litigation is on the rise despite a slowed economy and more people are using search to look for options when they need a lawyer.

2. It’s cost effective. Have you ever researched how much it costs to get TV spots? Radio? Yellow Pages? All of which are gone as soon as your marketing budget is. Given the return on investment and the longevity of the benefits of SEO (if done right), it is the single most cost effective marketing available today.

3. It’s targeted. The Internet give you the ability to capture the attention of people looking for your specific practice area and qualifications? It’s a no-brainer.

4. It builds over time. With well-constructed site structure and solid organic search engine optimization, your site can build in value and effectiveness over time. It’s not often that an investment in something so dynamic actually matures over time.

5. It sends the right message. Potential clients want an attorney who has put thought into their experience – including how they find you. Good SEO means you care about finding clients who are searching for you online.

6. It can be tracked. Unlike direct mail or radio spots, it’s inexpensive and very effective to track the customer behavior that leads to a search-engine click. Better tracking means better marketing.

7. It levels the playing field. Organic search isn’t like older forms of advertising such as the yellow pages. Every firm has the opportunity to be on the first page of search if they have a strong website and good SEO.

8. The Internet is everywhere. Almost everyone in the U.S. has access to the Internet, either through computers, mobile phones and free public access sites. Take advantage of this growing base with a website that they can find!

9. Search drives traffic. As much as you might like tons of direct traffic, it’s an unrealistic expectation in today’s search-driven world. Adapt with the times and acknowledge search’s role in your marketing campaign.

10. It works. Bottom line… SEO works if its done right. Organic search brings in more leads than any paid online advertising. Above all, it doesn’t disappear as soon as you reach your daily, weekly or monthly budget.

If you are still skeptical about whether your firm can benefit from a strong marketing campaign that includes Search Engine Optimization … read some of my client testimonials!

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