The Power of Press Releases for Legal Internet Marketing

Every law firm is on the look-out for maximum exposure on the Internet and the most effective way to do so. While there are many factors that can help you and your firm get more clients, one major tool you can utilize, often goes unnoticed.

Neglecting to write and submit press releases about your law firm is a great way to miss out on a perfect opportunity. However, you don’t want to submit just any press release, just like you don’t want to put just any content on your website. This is especially true since relevant content is essential in helping a press release get noticed by the search engines, and the same information can only be valid so many times. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Services – When it comes to submitting press releases on the Internet, some services are free and others require payment. It’s worth the time to look into what you’re willing to pay for in relation to what will be provided and try out a few sites to see which press release service works best for you.
  • Topics – When writing a press release, keep in mind that you are announcing something newsworthy relating to your law firm or individual accomplishments within the area of law that you practice, such as a groundbreaking verdict or settlement, or even a new website.
  • Structure – It is also important to consider the organization and layout of your release. Does the title include keywords that are descriptive and pertinent to what your press release addresses? Is the most critical information included in the beginning of the release? Do you have a closing paragraph that provides additional information about your firm?
  • Length – Don’t make your press release a novel. It’s important to keep it short and sweet to ensure that the main points get across without getting lost in tangents and elaborate descriptions. A press release should be focused on the recent news of your firm, which is a valuable achievement, so let the words speak for themselves.

In submitting a press release, you are not only providing informative material, you are also building links to your website, blog, and social networks, depending on what type of links you are allowed to include in the release. By gaining more exposure online, you will establish web saturation that will help your press release get attention from various sources. This is a cost-effective way to get more online traffic and provide valuable information about your firm to the public.

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