They’re Coming: Gen Y and Internet Marketing

Do you hear it? It’s not a tsunami…it’s a tidal wave of potential clients. The wave of the future, in fact. It’s “Generation Y”, and it’s a demographic you’ve got to use if you don’t want to lose.

Who are these mysterious kids? Well, they were born roughly between 1978 and 2000 and have been called “Millennials” and “Generation Next.” They’re thought to be characterized by their addiction to wealth and fame, their short attention spans, and their reliance on all things digital, from texting to Facebook and Twitter.

What does this have to do with your legal practice? Simple: if you don’t learn the ways of the Y now, you won’t have a business that lasts into the long-term. If you’re savvy about business, you’re ready to learn how to market to Gen Y in a meaningful way so that you can meet them halfway. Here are some quick tips:

Transparency rules. Gen Y is ready, willing, and able to thoroughly research your reputation online. Why not create your own reputation with a robust Web presence and a transparent blog that opens up about your business? It will differentiate you from every other attorney out there.

Instant gratification. Capitalize on Gen Y’s impatience by learning to be the first to return calls and respond to e-mails. You’ll be well in front of the (overloaded, too busy to tend to prospective clients) pack.

One-upsmanship. Let’s face it: many Gen Y-ers can research a legal statute faster than it takes you to go over to your library and look it up. Prepare yourself for this often shameless flaunting of instant knowledge with a bit of one-upsmanship of your own. If you’re well-prepared and committed to education and real answers, you’ll impress these info-savvy young people.

Relax. Too often, the legal profession is characterized as stodgy and old-fashioned. This will not do for Gen Y, who is rewriting the rules as they go along. Relax and have some fun…that’s something every generation can get behind.

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