Tips for Adding Content to Your Legal Web Site

Be as specific as you can about your practice and area of the law.
Tailor your content to the kinds of clients you most want to represent. Answer questions that your clients are most likely to ask.

Build content for consumers.
It can be difficult for you as a legal professional to empathize with the dilemmas and frustrations of writing about the law at a consumer level. You must remember the level of knowledge that most potential clients have of legal matters is much lower than what comes naturally to you. You must walk your clients through the process step-by-step. Outline hypothetical scenarios. Give concrete examples. The clearer a potential client can visualize the process of working with you, the less overwhelmed he or she will be and the more likely he or she will trust you with the case.

Make your content readable, to the point, and don’t ramble.
Individuals looking for lawyers online are under stress. If you besiege them with massive pages of information adorned with crazy fonts, graphics and other web “extras,” you will scare away potential business. Even if the materials you present are legitimate, thematically relevant, and original, you must SIMPLIFY. Break up your content pages into small, digestible bites and make the navigation easy for the user.

Build your web site with a mind to expansion.
Ideally, you will keep adding new content and resources for the life of your site. Update with new case information, new biographical information, and new answers to FAQs.

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