Tips for Cleaning Up a Dysfunctional Legal Web Site

You’ve maintained a web site for your law firm for years. But it’s not generating the kind of traffic you need to justify its existence. Should you “throw the baby out with the bathwater” or salvage what you can and rebuild?

One reason why it may not be a smart idea to abandon your current site completely is that Google, Yahoo, and the other big search engines value site longevity. In other words, if your site has survived on the Web for years, it should have a leg up on newcomer legal sites in the rankings.

On the other hand, if your site has received demerits from the search engines, or your online brand has otherwise been tarnished, a different approach may be called for. You may need to start again from scratch or otherwise do some serious reputation management.

When rebuilding, you need to take into account your current client/visitor base as well as the costs and resources you’ll need to get your “Version 2.0” site up and functioning at full capacity. For instance, a client may have your current site bookmarked. If you suddenly switch to a new web site, and three months from now that client wants to refer someone to you, he may not get the information to you in time for you to take action.

Brainstorm the consequences of recalibrating your site building and SEO approach to avoid these and other major headaches down the line.

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