Tips For Writing Legal Blogs

In today’s Internet environment a blog is the single most cost effective Internet marketing tool available. You can get a free blog from many places and/or you can purchase professional blogs if you have the budget for under $5000 a year and it is worth every penny.

Here are just some tips on what to do once you have a blog…

1) Update frequently
The best written and most compelling legal blog won’t yield a good ROI if you only update it biannually. Schedule time to blog on at least a weekly basis.

2) Keep your blog focused
All too often, newly minted bloggers go off on tangents and wind up diluting what otherwise could be a potentially powerful marketing tool. Think about who your potential audience is when you write your blog posts and tailor the information to what they might be interested in.

3) Cut out the fluff and avoid repetition
Hopefully… You already own and maintain a solid legal web site, so keep your blog in the same manner. Don’t use it to stuff in keywords designed simply to “trick the search engines.” Not only will you lose readers, but you could ultimately damage the brand of your web site that you’ve spent so much time and money building.

4) Use clear, concise language
As a lawyer, you’re trained to think in complex sentences and to use multiple clauses to convey ideas. But your readers are not lawyers! They need short and interesting, not long and elaborate.

5) Integrate your blog into the rest of your legal web site
Your blog and site should function as parts of each other, reinforcing the presence you’ve built online.

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