To Blog or Not To Blog?

On July 29, the team here at SLS Consulting hosted our fifth tweetup, an ongoing discussion on Twitter that discusses key issues that relate to attorneys and Internet marketing. For our fifth tweetup, we talked about blogging, and why so many attorneys are resistant to the idea of blogging-and why that opposition should be overcome.

There are many benefits to an attorney or law firm blog. In addition to building links and helping web content get indexed, blogging can showcase how much experience an attorney has in their area of law. However, lawyers need to take care not to overwhelm readers with legal jargon. Blogging provides attorneys with the opportunity of disclose legal information in a less formal way. Having a blog also offers lawyers with the chance to discuss other relevant issues pertaining to their area of law, in addition to talking about local issues, firm news, and more. Blog comments from users also supply attorneys with a place in which they can have an honest discussion and a place to respond to feedback, negative or positive. This discussion can also cause users to return to your blog, which is the ultimate goal of a blog.

To read the transcript of our tweetup in its entirety and learn more about attorney blogging, visit our page on Facebook. Next week, we plan to talk about Facebook, and in the weeks after that, we’ll continue to get specific and share our tips and knowledge regarding Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

If you’re interested in joining our weekly tweetup, you can join us on Twitter every Friday at 10 a.m. PST! We’ll be tweeting from the @LegalBlogs account, and to participate, all you have to do is include the hashtag #knowSEO with your tweets. Be sure to ask questions and respond to the questions we and others ask. Hope to see you there!

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