Top 10 Myths about Link Building that Every Attorney Should Know: Part 1

What you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to links. We know you hear and read a lot about the importance of incoming links and how to get them. In our 2-part blog series, we will cover the top 10 myths about link building that every attorney should know. Here are the first 5 to get you started:

Myth #1: Link building is fast and cheap – This is the big red flag that says, “SCAM.” If a company promises you fast and cheap services to build links, run! Effective link building is not fast, cheap or easy. It doesn’t have to be costly, but it takes time and can be challenging.

Myth #2: Building links is easy – Link building isn’t rocket science, but to do it right, it takes planning and strategy. A lot of steps go into building quality links that will actually make a difference in your rankings. You can do more harm than good to your website and online reputation if you make mistakes in link building. Not all paid links are evil, but you need to know the rules.

Myth #3: All links are good – There are several factors that apply in the categorization and identification of “good” and “bad” links. You want to be very particular about your links if you decide to go through a directory. Building irrelevant links is a waste of time and effort.

Myth #4: Anyone can build links – This is actually true… anyone can build links, but not everyone can build “good” links. Link building requires experience because it involves aspects of Internet marketing as well as strategies used to develop online authority and establish high search engine rankings that last.

Myth #5: I need thousands of links to achieve good rankings – Having 20,000 irrelevant links purchased for ranking purposes alone will not help your Google rankings. If your links appear to be spammy and go against Google’s policies, they won’t make any impact, meaning you have wasted your time and money. So in reality, having tons of links does not equate good rankings. It is much better to focus on the best links, even if that means having 10 instead of 1,000.

There are a lot of underhanded link building companies out there who will make empty promises to reel you in with only their profits in mind. Be wary and do your research or call SLS for find out more about our link building packages!

To learn more about link building, visit our blog again for Part 2.

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