Top 10 Myths about Link Directories that Every Attorney Should Know: Part 2

In the world of legal Internet marketing, law firms and attorneys are constantly seeking ways to improve their rankings and achieve a solid online authority to surpass their competition and stay on top. Link building for law firms often comes up as a way to do this. However, it is not the only way and it can be harmful to think of it in this regard. In Part 1 of our blog series, we discussed the first 5 myths about link building. Here, we wrap it up with the remaining top myths, 6-10, about building links:

Myth #6: It’s easy to see all the links that count towards rankings– A website can claim to have thousands of incoming links, but these links could be ones that Google has discounted. The links you see through various online tools are not always explicitly “Google approved” links. While you can check to see if a link displays itself in Google, you may only see some of the links that count. Although having an idea of the big picture can be beneficial in understanding your rankings and what next steps to take, you may not know what really counts towards your search engine results.

Myth #7: If you can’t see your links, they aren’t there – Just because you don’t see a directory link, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t really count towards your ranking. This could mean that Google chooses not to display the link or links it to the public. Disreputable marketing companies may use this as a tactic to scare someone into buying their services.

Myth #8: All link directories are bad – “Paid links” often get a bad reputation, and you can understand why with all the scams out there, but this can be an effective option – if you chose wisely. If a directory listing is relevant, it could be viable to pursue. It is actually possible to pay for quality links on legal directories or good directories with legal sections.

Myth #9: I don’t need to see what my competitors are doing – You should always be checking what your competitors are doing, but this doesn’t mean you need to follow their lead! Link directories can help you check out who your competition obtains links from so you can most efficiently spend your time and money getting quality links that will actually make a positive difference.

Myth #10: Link directories are the only way to get incoming links – Link directories are one way to get incoming links. Link directories can help, but only if they are from credible platforms and if the links are relevant to your area of practice. Incoming links are also achieved when other credible sources link back to your website, blog, or social networking sites, because they feel the material is informative and helpful.

Even though these myths are common, there are many others out there. If you still have any questions about link building or how to achieve high rankings for your website, contact the legal Internet marketing team at SLS Consulting for a free growth assessment. Call 1-323-254-1510 today.

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