Using Tweets to Help Market Your Law Firm

If you went around asking people what Twitter is, some of them would probably be unable to answer. Others might say something along the lines of, “It’s like a status update,” or, “It’s where you can post links for people to see.” However, what many people do not realize is that Twitter can be used, quite effectively, to market one’s law firm or business.

While it is true that Twitter is nothing more than a 140-character blurb about a particular topic, the power of those 140 characters often goes untapped.

The best way of thinking of Twitter, just like all social media, is that users on Twitter are like guests at a party. Everyone is mingling together, discussing a variety of topics, absorbing what people say, and then in turn repeating to other people what they’ve just heard. Guests at a party want to be themselves, but simultaneously want to be interesting. Guests want to be heard, and engage in conversations about topics that they have some knowledge of. Or, guests want to hover around a particular person because that person is an authority on a particular topic that is interesting. Simply put, when at parties, guests are essentially marketing themselves so that others will engage with them. How does this analogy translate into marketing a law firm or business? Well, as an authority in his or her respective field, an attorney or business owner has an opportunity on Twitter to engage potential clients with their expertise, while at the same time establishing a connection with those clients that may ultimately prove profitable.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that Twitter users want to be engaged, typically because they’re interested in a particular topic. However, Twitter users don’t want to connect with just anyone. That is, one of the most important aspects of engaging an audience is enabling that audience to connect with you on a one-on-one level. If you, as an attorney or business owner, are constantly tweeting about your firm or services, yet failing to interact with your audience on a less business-like level, then your audience is going to grow increasingly bored and seek out someone else who is not only informed, but interesting as well.

Therefore, the second thing to remember when appealing to potential clients via Twitter is that people want to follow tweets of someone who is a real person – not simply some entity in cyberspace who tweets links and nothing more. Get your message across. Be interesting! Word-of-mouth will undoubtedly help spread whatever message you are trying to get out.

That’s it! Just two steps to follow and you’re done. How you choose to involve your audience is the important thing though, as well as the legal Internet marketing strategy that you set out to apply (both of which will take a considerable amount of thought and effort in order to be successfully utilized). While some strategies are certainly more effective than others, there are relatively sure-fire ways to ensure, at the very least, that your Internet marketing message is being delivered to potential clients. Whether those potential clients choose to engage your message is another matter entirely, but can certainly be accomplished using an intelligent legal marketing campaign that gets to the heart of what customers want and does so in an interesting manner. So tweet away! But remember, no one likes party guests who talk and talk and never really listen to what others truly want 😉

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