Pulling Weeds – The Value of Adding New Content to Your Legal Website

The growth and upkeep of any legal internet marketing plan requires continuous effort. Simply having a website is not enough, but it is definitely a start! Even after your website has been created, the work is not over. One way to make sure that your search engine rankings continue to grow is to add new content to your website. However, adding fresh material to your website is a balancing act in and of itself, requiring more than just putting the content up on the site.

Think of your website as a garden. If you leave it unattended for too long, what happens? Plants start to wilt and weeds begin to take over. Don’t allow all of your hard work in developing a website go to waste. Instead, make the effort to add new content – but not just any content. Search engines respond to relevant keyword-rich, but not over-stocked, content that is fluid and has accurate optimization.

By creating a website with pertinent content, you’ve developed a foundation, planted the seeds. Now it’s time to tend to the site in a way that supplies it with intentional, well thought-out content updates. When you add new content to your website, you should think about what material will be the most informative for your target audience. Why are visitors coming to your legal website? They need help and you must provide them with the valuable resources and guidance that they need to get them started.

It is important to point out that your “old” content is still valuable. When adding new content to your website, you are not getting rid of the foundation you’ve worked so hard to establish. These older pages have been indexed by the search engines and have contributed to your Internet presence. This is why these pages should not be removed. Re-writing some of these pages or adding new content and optimization to them will provide more up-to-date information (new legislation, statistics, government reports, firm announcements, etc.) that the search engines will pick-up on. You can also create new pages and link them to/from older pages as resource centers to provide more details about the areas of law in which you and/or your firm practices. Remember, though, that adding new content to your existing website is something that must be done with precision. Rushing through this process has the same effect as overwatering plants or putting too many flowers in one bed.

Adding new content with effective legal SEO to your website will help these pages get indexed by the search engines, thus enhancing your website’s rankings by driving more traffic and getting your firm recognized for certain terms. If you think that your website contains all of the material that it possibly can, then it’s time to get creative. While no website should be jam-packed with pages in a careless, hurried fashion, a new web page can give your legal Internet marketing some momentum.

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