Wanna Talk? Let’s Tweet-Up This Week!

“Hey! Didn’t you want to talk to us about legal Internet marketing the other day? You did? Great! Let’s Tweet-Up later…”

For those of you who may not be as well versed in Twitter-speak, a Tweet-Up is a virtual meet-up with friends/followers on the micro-blogging site, Twitter. The way it works is fairly simple. One Twitter user declares that he or she is going to be readily available on Twitter on a certain day and at a designated time. This Twitter user then serves as an administrator for online discussion about a particular topic, or variety of related topics. Other Twitter users can ask and answer questions during the Tweet-up, officially labeling themselves as part of the discussion by using a predetermined hashtag.

So, what does this mean as it pertains to legal Internet marketing for attorneys and law firms? Well, it represents an opportunity for attorneys to establish themselves as trusted authorities in their respective fields (and remember, with a maximum use of 140 characters, both the questions asked and their answers are rather limited in their scope). It allows attorneys to be interesting, personable, and even funny. In short, it helps establish a relationship between an attorney and his or her audience, which is the ultimate goal in creating a well rounded social networking presence on the web.

Be Social!
For attorneys however, a Tweet-Up shouldn’t be judged according to how many potential clients contact your firm. In fact, no social networking profile should be used as a means to acquire clients. That may eventually happen, and we hope it does, but social media should primarily be utilized to connect with others, not blatantly market towards them in order to acquire their business. Ultimately, the end goal is be social, and positive word of mouth is hopefully what results from your efforts.

SEO Tweet-Up

Here at SLS Consulting, we want to connect with our audience on a more individual basis. Do you want to Tweet-Up with us and talk about marketing, social media, blogging, and web content? Every Friday, at 10:00AM PST, the knowledgeable staff at SLS Consulting will be available to answer your legal Internet marketing questions and just talk shop. To join us on Twitter, you have to first have an account. Once you’ve created your Twitter profile, log into your account at the above mentioned time and be sure to use the hashtag #KnowSEO so that we can easily find your question/comment. And remember to keep in touch with us too!

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And don’t worry, if you don’t have a Twitter account and aren’t sure about how to go about creating one, you can always contact SLS Consulting and ask us about our Social Media package. For attorneys who want to establish a presence on Twitter and other social networking sites, please contact SLS Consulting at 323-254-1510.

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