What Could Facebook Places Potentially Mean for Businesses?

If you own a business, chances are that you know about “Google Places” listings (formerly referred to as “Google Local”). For those of you who don’t know, Google Places allows business owners to list their business information (address, phone number, business hours, etc.) so that, in the event someone searches for the business using Google, the business information is accurate and available for viewing. In order to get this listing to rank well in search results is a topic for an entirely different conversation altogether, but it should be a primary focus of your law firm Internet marketing campaign.

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking community, has also recently ventured into the “Places” game, launching its own “Facebook Places” feature. At this point though, Facebook Places is completely different from Google Places. That is, Facebook Places is little more than a check-in service, meaning that users can access the function to tell their friends where they are at any given moment. However, if history is any indication, Facebook may eventually expand this feature, possibly to include information about specific locations that users have checked-in at. Information, such as business names, addresses, phones numbers, business hours, may soon become a part of the Facebook Places experience. Sound familiar? Sound kind of like Facebook may be positioning itself for a venture into a more Google-Places-centric endeavor? Only time will tell, but all business owners should undoubtedly keep an eye on Facebook Places for new developments in the near future.

For law firms, having a presence on the Internet, any presence at all, is a step in the right direction. However, implementing an effective legal Internet strategy could not only translate into more clients, but it could help establish you or your firm as an authority figure on the particular type of law you specialize in. Remember, the Internet is not only a source of social entertainment, but is also considered the ideal place to acquire information and exchange ideas. With a dynamic website, a strong presence on social networks, and a legal Internet marketing campaign that helps show who you are rather than just tell everyone, you may soon find yourself not only getting more clients, but getting client referrals from friends of friends whose recommendation came at the heels of you establishing yourself as an authority.

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