What Sites are Right for Your Company’s Brand Development?

No two companies are exactly alike in the services they provide or the image they wish to project to consumers. However, there are a wide variety of websites that will allow a company to develop their brand through content and interaction. Even the same site can be used in drastically different ways by two different companies.

Being informed of the possibilities on a site and taking full advantage of them to develop your business’ unique brand and style is vital for every type of online marketing campaign. Here are a few sites with great potential and what they can do for you.

Company Website

This is the basis for all branding for your company. Starting here, the design of the site and the content will let visitors quickly know what you are all about. As all other sites will redirect potential clients here, every page on the site will need to grab the attention of visitors and provide them with the information that they need. In reverse, the style and images used here should bleed out into other sites.


The largest social network in the world, companies should have some sort of presence on this site. Regular updates should involve both business-related posts as well as social interactions with followers. If followers trust your social media content, they can trust your products. The photos and statuses you post are vital to creating a well-rounded image of your company.


Consistent tweets will give followers quick views of what your company thinks and feels. Come up with a plan for the language style that you will use and stay consistent, as interacting with followers is vital to this platform. Additionally, employees can have their own Twitter accounts and be representatives of the company.


Images can instantly connect with followers. Photos of the inner workings of your company and employees can give a personal feel and more easily connect with potential clients. Plan for what types of images will be posted as well as what absolutely will not be.


While Google+ is not as commonly used as Facebook, it is integrated into all aspects of Google’s work. As such, content will show up on searches, giving potential clients an impression of the business before they have even reached your website.

The Online Path toward a Better Brand

At SLS Consulting, our work in SEO, social media, online content, and design combine to create a strong and well rounded online brand development for our clients. Through our assistance, your company can create a strong web presence that not only grabs the attention of potential clients, but illustrate who you are and what you are all about. Whatever the scope of your goals may be, our team can help. Contact us online or by calling (323) 254-1510 and receive a complimentary growth assessment.

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