What Your Social Media Marketing Plan Should NOT Include

In this day and age, if a business wants to reach as large of an audience as possible, it must have a social media profile, on as many platforms as is relevant to its niche and can be effectively managed. This holds true for all businesses, whether you run a law firm, a chiropractic office, or a retail store.

A poorly executed social media plan is actually worse than not having one at all and can scare away potential clients. With that in mind, knowing what not to do is just as important as being aware of best practices. Unless your business social media plan is to alienate as many people as possible, you may want to avoid doing any of these things:

On Twitter

  • Tweet in several batches because 140 characters isn’t enough
  • Always tweet quotes from others
  • Complain about the drama in your personal life
  • Tweet in different languages
  • Retweet several times in a row
  • Make offensive jokes and/or controversial statements

On Facebook

  • Post ambiguous status updates
  • Post all the time, multiple times a day
  • Use a lot of apps that post updates directly onto your timeline
  • Write status updates that get as close to the 63,206 character limit as possible
  • Make offensive jokes
  • Post inappropriate pictures (like you in a swim suit or doing some shots with your friends
  • Post your political views

It is not enough to just be online; you have to know how to act on social media sites in order to make the most of your company’s online presence. If you have a social media plan as part of your professional marketing strategy, this post and the following video are a good reminder to keep your personal and professional personas separate.

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