When in Doubt, Educate

It can be easy to draw traffic in to your website… but what constitutes the tipping point for undecided potential clients? Often, it’s the perception of education.

Consider a potential client whose son has been involved in a DUI accident. They’re scared, angry, and sick of dealing with insurance companies and police officers. They’re ready for action and results, but more than that they want to understand what their experience will be like as they undergo the process. By acting as an educator, you can address these fears on several levels, before, during, and after the engagement.

Before: The Website Visit
Informative articles on your site (with attractive and interesting titles, of course) allow you to educate your client without ever stepping in front of them. Make sure to stress the importance of competent legal counsel while actually providing information in each article – the search engines and your future clients will thank you.

During: The Client Consultation
It’s standard practice to offer a consultation or evaluation for clients as they decide who to go with. By thinking of your educator role, you’ll be able to separate yourself from the pack. Answer questions simply and effectively without giving away the farm. Your goal is to provide enough information to make prospects feel educated and secure, but not enough to make them feel they can represent themselves.

After: Ongoing Contact
It’s easy to forget the fear factor when you’re a seasoned attorney, but your clients are often facing very real fear as they prepare for court appearances. By educating them about what to expect in court and what you are doing, you can cut down on this fear, make them feel secure and confident, and guarantee referrals and repeat business.

Many times the lawyers I speak with are worried that if they give too much information the client will feel that they don’t need a lawyer… the exact opposite is true. The more information you give, the more clients feel at ease and realize they need your professional legal services. Don’t be afraid to give information to potential clients.

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