Where Did You Hear About Us? Understanding Legal Marketing

“Where did you hear about us?” It’s a simple question – and one that’s asked far too little in the legal field. Why am I such a big fan of this query? Read on to find out – and to discover how asking can help you in your marketing efforts.

We’ve all taken customer surveys, many of which include a “where did you hear about us” type question. Often, that tidbit can be the most valuable piece of information that’s gathered about you. Think about it – by asking potential clients where they found you, you can quickly determine your return on investment in the marketing realm, hone in on problem spots, brainstorm new ideas, and tweak your Internt marketing for real results!

If you don’t already ask potential leads where they heard about you, it’s time to start.

Here are some quick tips to get you going:

Train your staff: Your marketing is only as good as the staff who handles incoming and potential clients. Train your staff members to ask the question every time they hear from a lead.
Track it: There is such thing as too much information – especially if it resides in the heads of several different attorneys, receptionists, and legal assistants! Implement a simple tracking system – a sheet of paper by the phone will do. Periodically, go through and assess where your leads are being generated.
Be consistent: There’s no point in gathering information if you’re not consistent. The more you ask potential clients where they heard from you, the better you can market…keep it up!
Be flexible: It can be disappointing to find that your expensive lead-generation system is failing, when word-of-mouth or Website leads are booming.

Remember – all information is an opportunity if you use it correctly. Now that you have more information on how potential customers find your firm, approach the solution with a flexible attitude.

Continue doing the things you know work and discontinue relationships with vendors that aren’t producing measurable results. Good luck!!!

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