+Why? How Google’s Like Button Will Impact Search

Mid August, Forbes very briefly ran a story entitled “Stick Google Plus Buttons On Your Pages, Or Your Search Traffic Dies”. Forbes quickly removed the story from its website, a sign that Google may not have been happy with the implication that was being made, namely the idea that search results will be directly impacted by the Google+ button, and those who don’t incorporate the button into their site will suffer the consequences. Given the considerable number of updates on the part of Google since the beginning of the year, it’s safe to assume that Google has a significant end goal in mind, and that the Google+ button will play a prominent role whatever that goal may be.

For attorneys and law firms, incorporating the Google+ button into your website should be a no brainer. Just do it. Regardless of how significant an impact the Google+ button may have on search results at this time, the impact is only going to undoubtedly grow as time passes. So why not be prepared and make the Google+ button part of your legal Internet marketing strategy? What do you have to lose? Especially when one can only assume, and rightfully so, that there are only gains to be had in adding the Google+ button, it makes sense to metaphorically “get in on the ground floor” before your competitors, and their search results, leave you behind, way back on page five even!

So, bottom line, put a Google+ button on your site. But, be careful along the way. If you choose to enlist the assistance of a marketing company, be sure that “black hat” tactics aren’t used to help bolster your rankings, especially using the Google+ button. While you may experience momentary success, Google will catch you, and your rankings will take a hit. When it comes to legal online marketing, hard work and proven “white hat” tactics are the only way to achieve strong search results for keywords and phrases you’re trying to rank for. Don’t trust a company solely because it promises you page one search results. Look to their past work as an indication for whether or not they are worth hiring. Remember, happy clients, both past and present, are the best indicators of a legal Internet marketing company that knows what it’s doing. Check out SLS Consulting’s testimonials to see what I mean!

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