Why Should Personalization Matter for a Law Firm’s Marketing?

For many companies, creating the right appearance online can be a tricky situation. The same is true for law firms, as staying professional while appealing to the strong call for personalization online can seem like a difficult task. However, it is important for law firms to recognize that personalizing their online presence and showing the human side to their company is not a threat to their appearance, but rather a boost to their attractiveness to potential clients.

A law firm should always show clients that they are skilled and ready to represent them. However, keep in mind that people would rather interact with a human being than a faceless organization. This is where personalizing content comes into play.

Personalization, as can be seen by the word itself, is unique for every law firm online marketing strategy. However, there are certain factors to always keep in mind when creating content online. When reviewing your company’s websites think of these factors and consider whether or not you have been appropriately personalizing content.

Main Site

DO have personal web pages for staff members. This will show their skills and experience and give a face that visitors can respond to in order to build trust quicker.

DO NOT reveal too much detailed information about former legal cases that can breach confidentiality. Former clients may be upset and visitors may be worried that their cases (and lives) will be divulged.

Social Media

DO consistently post content on news and topics related to your legal field in a more casual form of communication. This will show your awareness of current events and spark interactions with followers.

DO NOT post offensive content, foul language, or topics that are likely to create animosity from followers. Some debate is appropriate; however, legal teams should be professional and focused.


DO continually create content that highlights important news and brings awareness to areas that are related to your legal field. This will display insight and relevance as well as draw visitors further into your site.

DO NOT make claims that cannot be backed up by evidence or are unrelated to your target audience. If visitors cannot trust your blog content, they are unlikely to trust your services.

Dedication to the Success of Law Firms

At SLS Consulting, we have dedicated our skills, insight, and experience to crafting unique and attractive online marketing plans for law firms that handle all forms of legal matters. With our help, the success and skill of your organization will be displayed in order to attract clients while a personalized online presence will help build trust. Together, we can help you better serve people throughout your legal field and attract the clientele that you are seeking. To learn more about our online marketing, contact us today by calling (323) 254-1510.

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