Will Google or Facebook Buy Twitter?

If you doubt the power and reach of social media, think again. The Washington Post reports that some potential buyers of Twitter have marked the social media site at being worth a staggering $8 to $10 billion. The question that has surfaced throughout the Internet is whether Google or Facebook will make Twitter offers to become its new owner. The article plays with potential new names for Twitter if either of these acquisition deals takes place: Goowit, Twoogle, Twitbook, and Facetwit. While these prospective names could use some work, there also may never be a chance for them to be used at all.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google have become the most dominant and widely used sites on the Internet. This is not to say that other competitors aren’t right behind them, but Google, Facebook, and Twitter serve many purposes for businesses and individuals all over the world. And while these sites often play off of each other and offer similar tools, they are also competitors striving to find ways to knock these sites out of the water.

According to the story, email use among younger generations has decreased by about 59 percent due to an increase in time spent on social media sites such as Facebook that provide ways for users to message one another. The other striking statistic that highlights the prominent use of social media is that 10 percent of page views in the United States are claimed by Facebook.

While it’s not certain whether Twitter will ever sell to Google or Facebook, one thing’s for sure – these sites make waves. If you are a business and do not have a profile on Facebook or Twitter or do not have a Google local listing, these are things you should strongly consider. Social media is an expansion of your website and provides a way for you to spread news about your business as well as main issues of concern within your field. Social media has a reputation for being more casual, but these sites can transfer serious information and bring people all the more closer to the help they are seeking by finding your business. But it’s not just about being found. It’s about making an impression and being approachable so that visitors to your sites become potential clients or new contacts.

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