Will You Take On The Daily Post WordPress Challenge?

It is not too late to join in on The Daily Post, the challenge presented by WordPress for users to write and publish one blog post a day (or a week) throughout the course of 2011. Mashable notes that WordPress announced their challenge over the New Year holiday, catering, in a way, to the likelihood that various writers and bloggers have been looking for something to help keep them motivated to blog more frequently in the New Year.

The Daily Post is a guide that provides blog topic suggestions on a daily basis to help inspire, encourage, and even give advice in regard to blogging. It can be difficult to carve out the time to write for your blog, especially if you can barely find time in the day to eat! However, if that is your situation, it may be a good idea to explore resources to help you manage your time and workload. In any case, blogging on a daily basis may not be your cup of tea, but blogging at least once a week could be a great start towards boosting your business’ or law firm’s online presence by sharing your knowledge and helping spread your unique experiences.

Any WordPress user who would like to participate in The Daily Post challenge only has to write about their intentions, then tag posts with “postaday2011” or “postaweek2011” through the year. Even if you do not want to join in on The Daily Post challenge, you can still take on this dare and make it your own. Why not devise an editorial calendar or a list of topics that you would like to cover in January, February, etc.?

Wetting your appetite for creating more online content will only help your Internet marketing endeavors. It is important to remember, however, that more content does not mean any content. You want to write blogs that are pertinent to your area of expertise, informative, and helpful to your target audience. The same goes for adding new content to your website. Make sure your content is relevant and that appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) is properly integrated.

What are your blogging goals for 2011?

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