Would You Read Your Own Legal Blog?

If you are wondering why your legal blog does not have as many subscribers or monthly visitors as you would like, you may need to ask yourself this question. While it may feel daunting at first to explore the issues surrounding building legal blog readership, it is helpful to begin with establishing your intentions for your blog. As a starting point, remember that your blog’s content is only a part – although a very important part – of the entire blogging process. Many other vital aspects of your blog should involve effective use of search engine optimization (SEO) tools and other marketing efforts.

First of all, don’t be afraid to create a wish-list for what you would like your blog to encompass. This could relate to layout, writing tone, use of video or pictures, and blog topic choice. Having a blog for your law firm is a great opportunity, not only for you and your colleagues to share unique legal experiences, but also to encourage discussion between other firms and various readers who may be law students or even potential clients.

Simply put, if you don’t care about what goes on your lawyer blog, no one else will. While a blog demands a lot of time and effort, it is beneficial to take those extra moments to write about issues that actually interest you. That passion and knowledge of the area of law in which you practice will come through to readers. You want to stand out on the web with your blog amidst a sea of legal blogs. But how can you do this? Be yourself on the Internet just like you are when a potential client comes in for a consultation. If you hesitate to reach out to those searching for help, they may look elsewhere.

A legal blog is a great place to reflect what you have to offer and how you have helped others. You don’t need to reveal personal or confidential information to discuss the types of cases you have handled and how you and your firm are able to be successful. Another important thing to remember when thinking about your blog content is, don’t give everything away right off the bat. Give them a little and make them want more. You eventually want readers to come to you either through your law firm website, email, or phone – but you have to draw them in.

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